Love Jesus

Jesus Christ is at the centre of our life together.  In his death and resurrection, we see the love and mercy of God.  That means we’re committed to the Bible, where we receive God’s good news about Jesus, committed to worship, and committed to prayer.  We want to help one another to grow in our knowledge and understanding of what God has done for us in Jesus.


Love People

God has brought us into his family, and given us to each other so that we can support one another.  We are committed to building genuine relationships that go beyond the surface level.  We are committed to meeting regularly, not just on a Sunday but through the week, in homes and cafes and pubs.  We are committed to welcoming everyone, and being a blessing to our local community.  We are committed to sharing the love of God in words and actions.


Love Life

Coming to know God through Jesus doesn’t take us away from the everyday concerns and joys, highs and lows, of life.  Instead, we want to take the good news of the God who loves life into all the situations where we find ourselves.  We are committed to being involved in the community life of Cowley.  We are committed to living out our faith at home, at work, and at play.  Where life is hard, we want to give practical help, and the comfort that comes from the good news of Jesus.